When will the Parents and Grandparents Program re-open to new applications?

If you want to sponsor your parents and grandparents, your first step is to check if you are eligible to become a sponsor.

If you appear to be eligible, you must fill out a short online form to let us know you're interested in sponsoring.

The online submission form to show your interest is available:

  • as of at noon EST on January 2, 2018 and
  • ending at noon EST on February 1, 2018.
  • After February 1, we’ll randomly select potential sponsors and invite them to apply.

    You should wait to start preparing documents until you find out if you are invited to apply.

    If you are invited to apply, you must submit a complete application before the deadline specified on your invitation.

    If you are not invited in 2018, you may try again in 2019.

    If you want your parent or grandparent to visit you in Canada, you can apply for a super visa.